Wavepop Records – November 25, 2016


Creepoid has put out their sixth release, a 3 song EP titled Burner. It’s a succinct yet enjoyable compendium of songs that serves nicely as a follow-up to their 2015 LP, Cemetery Highrise Slum. Where “CHS” was arguably their heaviest record to date, Burner shows Creepoid turning their distortion pedals down a notch – even turning them off entirely for a song.


“Dripping Eyelids” opens the EP with acoustic melodies and a charming slide guitar. The tantalizing ballad reverts listeners back to earlier Creepoid releases, before increasing the intensity on the subsequent tracks. An up-and-down drum beat and an escalating chorus lead the way on the second song, “Waste.” Anna Troxell’s vocal delivery on the track brings to mind the likes of bands such as True Widow. “Crisco” sounds most like a song that might be found on “CHS,” showing Creepoid wrap up the EP with a familiar finish. Burner blends Creepoid’s hazy rock with a touch of psychedelic hypnosis to create a relaxed and enjoyable quick listen.



Creepoid recently completed a tour with …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead and do not have future tour dates publicly announced.


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Michael Viera

December 14, 2016