Ruby Haunt is a duo crafting moody pop ballads fit for both the foggy and sunny days of their beachside Southern California location. Victor Pakpour and Wyatt Ininns began creating music together in 2015, releasing a couple of EP’s that year. In early 2016 they followed up with Crush and their first full-length album, Sugar, in the fall. Throughout all their music, you can hear the natural chemistry between the two friends that results in the liberatingly silky and drifting sounds.


Read an interview with Ruby Haunt below regarding influences and the creative process:


Ruby Haunt started in 2015 and you already have a dedicated and expanding fan base, largely arising through the internet. How has it worked out releasing and promoting everything yourselves, with a limited number of live shows?

There are positives and negatives to releasing it on your own. But sometimes as a new artist you don’t have a choice. I know an artist who has been trying to get signed for over a year and hasn’t released anything.  Now we are trying to transition more into the real world and start playing more shows and connect with other bands.


I’m sure there are plans for more music and more touring, but is there anything specific you have laid out for 2017?

We will always be writing music but our dream this year would be to get signed to a cool label and start touring.  We are putting the finishing touches on a new set of music and our trying to make it happen.


What are your influences other than music? Do you take inspiration from your jobs as a filmmaker and architect?

Wyatt: I try to write down moments or words from books that are interesting to have a catalog to work with when we start writing.

Victor: I draw inspiration from everything around me that connects.



What do you find to be the most difficult part of creating music?

Victor: Trusting your instinct with the production. If you overthink think it, you will never finish a song and lose the original feeling that inspired you in the first place.

Wyatt:  For me the hardest part is forgetting that your friends and family will listen to the lyrics.


What do you find to be the most rewarding part of creating music?

Seeing that people out there feel something and appreciate it. That means a lot to us.


What can you tell us about your music, or this project as a whole, that listeners should know or keep in mind?

We are always growing and changing as artists. I feel our sound is slowly changing for the better.



A few things you’ve been listening to recently?

Victor: For Against, Duster, Belong, Grouper

Wyatt: Bark Psychosis, Lambchop, The Clientele, The Magnetic Fields, Marching Church, Brian Eno


Name an album that changed your life.
The first album we released online opened us up to the world of sharing music with people.

Michael Viera