BMG – April 28, 2017

Something Else, released on the record label BMG, features new acoustic renditions of the Cranberries’ classic hits plus three new songs, all featuring a string quartet from the Irish Chamber Orchestra. The Irish alternative band has come full circle in the 90’s revival extravaganza. Something Else is an honest and loyal album for their fans and also creates a more timeless sound for the band. It takes minimal effort to recognize the familiar tunes in their new acoustic form.

“The Glory,” the first of the new material on the album, was written by O’Riordan and performed in a meandering lilt. “Rupture” is centered around depression and being confined; it features a processed drum beat that differs from most of the other tracks. “Why” is about the passing of O’Riordan’s father. All of the new tracks are instant classics and hold true to the band’s sound and established canon.



The album left me wanting more jangle pop tunes of yesteryear and a hunger for new original material. Perchance to dream that they will release another album? –I’ll sit tight.

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Connor Foltyn-Smith

February 9, 2017