The soundtrack of your memories― what does it sound like? How will the images of these memories arrange themselves? Selon Recliner seems to be attempting to provide suitable answers to such questions. The New Zealand band creates landscapes of orchestral proportions. Their dark take on pop results in cinematic scenes flashing through the listener’s mind. The seven members do not go unnoticed. Their songs contain detailed instrumentation and a healthy amount of artistic production value. They are more than artists. They are engineers. Their meticulous engineering is on full display on their latest release, a 6-song EP titled, “Songs of Later.” The songs travel a far-reaching spectrum of sounds ranging from dream pop to psychedelia, complete with a splash of stringed and electronic backdrops. Listen to Selon Recliner’s EP here and watch their video for “Sun and Moon” below.


Michael Viera

August 8, 2017