If Sputnik had a pulse it would sound like OCHI.  OCHI is an extraterrestrial powerhouse of electronic music magic. At a first glance, Celestial Bodies sounds like the lost soundtrack to Jodorowsky’s Dune (2013) or The 5th Element (1997). If Air, New Order, Space, Broadcast, and the Kremlin had a baby, it would sound like OCHI. OCHI are a two-piece female electronic band based in Atlanta, Georgia. The duo hails from disparate regions of Russia but met by chance in Atlanta. Their music centers around themes of isolation and space. 


The opening track on the EP, “Interspace”, floats with shimmering textures and celestial chimes. This instrumental track guides you through the looking glass of an arpeggiated ambient wonderland– what your dreams ought to sound like. Much of their music is very cinematic and imaginative; specifically on the track “Poteryaniy Dyh (Lost Spirit)”. Sounding like a cross between Stereolab and trip hop album, the vocalization lulls the listener in a Russian lilt.

Not all of the tracks are sung in their native tongue. “Journey Through The Milky Way”, featuring clever spacey ideas, could be the theme song to a long lost James Bond movie. “Dreamscape” sounds like a modern version of Polka music with a hint of Switched-On Bach; bouncing synths dominate the track in a sturdy manner. “Arcadia”, is a catchy twist on the album. It instantly pulls you into a different world– a very satisfying experience and a personal favorite on the album. With catchy hooks and repetitive tones, it is easily memorable and could have been featured in The Crow (1994). “Vremya (Time)” is sung in their native tongue and has a slower R&B feel to it. There is a very 90’s feel to some of these tracks but the dimensions within them are quite impressive. 

The title track is an up-tempo dance tune that interweaves a dribbling bass line with female vocals. There is a lead synth halfway through the track that would fit snugly in a Gary Numan Album. This four-on-the-floor cosmic disco features killer drum fills and backing vocals. You can imagine two Celestial Bodies smashing into one another in a passion driven, sexually charged, disco make out.

Connor Foltyn-Smith