About Us


We are a group of art lovers that decided to create our own platform for exploring the underrepresented creative talent around us. We strive to cover artists that we care about, artists that we believe deserve more recognition. Our goal is to showcase intriguing talent with the hopes of providing readers with a new favorite musician, director, or other artist. We speak to artists about influences and inspirations. What is it that keeps them doing what they do? We seek to make the connection between artist and audience a little bit more tangible. We are interested in the subversive and the sublime. The beautiful and the dissonant. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or ideas you would like to share.



Michael Viera

Connor Foltyn-Smith

Brandon Winters


         If you have any ideas or inquiries, please send an email to thestrangersong.staff@gmail.com.