Dais Records – October 31, 2016


King Dude (TJ Cowgill) and Drab Majesty (Deb Demure) released their first collaboration, Who Taught You How To Love, earlier this year on Halloween. The symbiosis of Kind Dude’s red-blooded vocals and the post-punk/shoegaze instrumentation of Drab Majesty collude to express the confusing nature of the return of a past lover.

King Dude / Drab Majesty

Source: Bandcamp

The split begins with “Who Taught You How to Love?” Cowgill’s guttural voice is complimented with Deb’s ethereal guitar and arrangements. Backed by a wall of sound, Cowgill asks, “Who taught you how to love like that? It’s a one way ticket to a heart attack.” A former lover has returned with newfound affection and prowess leaving him “wondering if she is coming back in my life.” A gothy and reverb-laden drum machine wallows around towering guitars creating what could be the mouth of god.


“Only A Mime” begins with Deb Demure and Cowgill singing against effected acoustic guitar and drifting noise. Actions speak louder than words, hence the title “Only A Mime.” Deb says the “metaphor of the mime is used to call into question the validity of one’s words (or lack thereof) versus physical actions” (Source: Dais). This split EP exists somewhere in the space between the movie Manhunter and the works of William S. Burroughs.



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Connor Foltyn-Smith

December 7, 2016