Fashionable Idiot – December 25, 2016


Uranium Club is a Minneapolis band playing frenzied and peculiar punk. Their sarcastic and quirky lyrics, combined with frenetic guitars and strung out rhythms make for a fresh take on current punk. On their second album, All Of Them Naturals, released on Fashionable Idiot Records, Uranium Club shows a breadth of abrasiveness and idiosyncrasy. The albums brings to mind heavy Devo undertones, a comparison frequently mentioned and easily noticed. The whizzing sci-fi sounds they implement add to the zaniness of the album, completing Uranium Club’s eccentric style.



Uranium Club is known to be a private band, eschewing social media and even announcing shows. They appear to spend their time solely focusing on their music, a habit reflected in their product. As early as it may be, All Of Them Naturals is an early favorite in 2017. Their first album, Human Exploration, garnered well-deserved attention for the band and it appears the buzz is increasing exponentially with this latest release. Look out for Uranium Club to become a common name in punk circles on the internet and small scenes around the country.



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Michael Viera

January 5, 2017