Sherry’s sunny psychedelic sounds are the perfect tunes for winding down summer. As the brainchild of John Michael Sherry, they collaborate between Austin and Brooklyn, creating music as expansive as the physical landscape between the cities. Their latest release, Not Brandy, Not Whiskey, is a wild amalgam of sounds. The band takes clear influence from the heydays of prog, psychedelic, art, and classic rock, wrapped up with a fresh spin fitting for 2017. Think something along the lines of Syd Barrett and the Beatles playing alongside Kevin Parker and Devendra Banhart in a kaleidoscope of phasers and shifting shades of colors. At times dark and at times happy, the real treat of listening to the record is that Sherry combines such styles without sounding like a knock-off. The songs are dizzying and unpredictable in a fashion that will be warmly welcomed to keen listeners. Listen to Not Brandy, Not Whiskey below and let the all the rays of Sherry consume your ears.


Michael Viera